Rolf Glass

Mt. Pleasant, PA

Rolf Glass is a U.S. glass decorating manufacturer and a market leader in quality tabletop giftware and personalized gifts.  Known for unique, original, distinctive images, and timeless icons on quality crystal and glassware. Rolf Glasss unique cut glass studio produces affordable and attractive designs for everyday use as well as special occasions. 

Located in Western Pennsylvania in the historic glassmaking town of Mount Pleasant, Rolf Glass prides itself on exceptional customer service and the ability as a domestic manufacturer to respond quickly and flexibly to  customer's unique needs. In addition to the original Rolf Glass designs, Rolf Glass also provides custom monogramming, glass cutting and custom engraving and etching.

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Feb. 16, 2017 Sold 100 units of bar glassware to a customer in Durham, NC

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Mt. Pleasant, PA



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