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Back in 1996 Scott had his first encounter in a pub with a man who had just opened a small brewery in town. Two years later, in a different pub he met him again. The conversation eventually led to the subject of printing, Scott’s vocation. The question was simple, Who does your printing? The response was more simple, What, in trade for beer? After agreeing to accept the job not knowing how he was actually going to get it printed, he had one person in mind to recruit for the task. With only two years in the printing business under his belt, Scott had slowly been building a friendship with a co-worker over common interests of music and beer. It didn’t take much to convince Marc, whose been printing commercially since 1985, to print in trade for beer. As time went on more calls came in from other small breweries in town, and before too long Scott and Marc were printing nearly every weekend for beer. Several years later, they decided to go legit, and S&M Printing was born.  Even though the

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