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Mitigating the Risks of Using Cloud Service Providers

Some tips from Brush Creek Partners for mitigating risk.

Vendors and subcontractors cause a majority of technology failures and data breaches. While almost everyone agrees with this, very few understand who has the liability for the failure or loss of data. There are numerous types of technology vendors and subcontractors but the most common group are cloud service providers. In a small business this could be a data backup solution like Dropbox or other boutique solutions. It could be payment processors or payment systems like Square, Heartland Payment Systems, and others. It could be outsourced IT providers and various other cloud service providers like e-mail marketing companies, financial software ... Read on

Looking to grow your food business?

Take these 3 steps to success!

The Food + Enterprise Summit in New York was a chance for the small business community to meet experienced investors and strategists to talk about food business growth. Here are their 3 main takeaways for scaling your business in a sustainable way.  #1: Sometimes You Have to Pay to Play  Whole Foods may sound like the mecca for your natural food product, but be sure to factor in slotting fees. It’s very common for large chains and retailers to charge small companies high fees in order to carry their product. While controversial, the practice is one of the realities of growing ... Read on

Introducing My Requests

You asked, we listened. Introducing "My Requests". A new, more powerful way to manage your purchases.

Today, we're proud to introduce a new way to manage your purchases with My Requests, which is part of the powerful toolkit for business buyers on Kinnek. As more small businesses and suppliers use our marketplace, we’re improving the purchasing experience overall to meet their needs. To do that, we speak to thousands of business customers to understand what works and what could be improved. First off, we've designed My Requests to provide a new, more powerful way to manage business purchasing online.  So What’s New?   Simple, Mobile-Friendly Purchasing  More businesses are relying on Kinnek for a growing share of their purchases, with ... Read on

Trademarking Your Business Name

What’s in a name? Your business name is unique, special and worth protecting. So before you name your business, double check that it isn’t already trademarked.

Why should I invest time in trademarking or registering my business name?   Sometimes doing an online search isn’t enough. It’s possible that a name was trademarked and never used or the company went out of business. For peace of mind, check out the Trademark Electronic Search System of the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office. The requirements differ by state too; in some states it’s not possible to set up business under a name that’s already been registered. Though trademarks and business names are different legal issues, you could find yourself in hot water without surveying the landscape first.   ... Read on

Federal Business Regulations for A Small Business

Navigating federal business regulations can be difficult if you're a small business, so we've done the homework for you!

Core Federal Business Regulations for A Small Business Starting a small business is no small task and federal regulations present one of the greatest hurdles for any small business owner to overcome. Just because you’re a small business doesn’t mean you’re exempt from complying with regulations. Full compliance will protect you from any potential legal issues with third parties, as well as your employees, and also ensure the success of your business.   Take a look at the following federak regulations, which govern all types of business including small ones: Advertising & Marketing Law The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) oversees ... Read on

Four Ways to Finance Your New Small Business

Learn how to finance your new small business in four easy ways.

Today there are a wide range of options available to small business owners looking for financial assistance for their new small business.  Four Ways to Finance Your New Small Business The four principle ways to finance your new small business include personal contributions, loans, finding investors and crowdfunding. Here's an overview of each form:  1. Loans One of the more traditional ways to get financing for a new small business is through business loans. Loans entail working with a financial institution, such as a bank. The most common business loans include: Short-term loans for commercial real estate, vehicles, equipment and small outlay; ... Read on