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Mitigating the Risks of Using Cloud Service Providers

Some tips from Brush Creek Partners for mitigating risk.

Travis S. Holt

Looking to grow your food business?

Take these 3 steps to success!

Kinnek Community

Introducing My Requests

You asked, we listened. Introducing "My Requests". A new, more powerful way to manage your purchases.

Kinnek Community

Trademarking Your Business Name

What’s in a name? Your business name is unique, special and worth protecting. So before you name your business, double check that it isn’t already trademarked.

Kinnek Knowledge Team

Kinnek Knowledge Team

Federal Business Regulations for A Small Business

Navigating federal business regulations can be difficult if you're a small business, so we've done the homework for you!

Kinnek Knowledge Team

Kinnek Knowledge Team

Four Ways to Finance Your New Small Business

Learn how to finance your new small business in four easy ways.

Jeremy Martin