Additional Supplier Terms

Only applicable to Suppliers enrolled in Quote Plan or Kinnek Pay

Updated June 25, 2019


If any Purchaser purchases a Product, Supplier shall, with respect to each Purchaser, (i) fulfill and ship such Product directly to the Purchaser in accordance with the shipping policy provided by Supplier in connection with such Product; (ii) adhere to the return policy provided by Supplier in connection with such Product; (iii) if applicable, comply with the terms of service and privacy policy of Kinnek’s third-party payment processor (“Stripe”) which can be found here: and; and (iv) pay all third-party fees associated with Purchaser’s purchase of the Product via the Site.

If any Purchaser wishes to utilize third-party financing services from Kinnek’s third-party financing services provider (“Third-Party Provider”) for the Purchase of any of Supplier’s Products, Kinnek may require Supplier to agree to additional terms governing such financing services. If Purchaser chooses to obtain financing from any Third-Party Provider to cover the Product Fees for any purchase on our site, Supplier authorizes Kinnek to act as Supplier’s collection agent for Product Fees due from Purchaser.


In addition to Supplier’s own designated return policy with respect to any Product, Supplier shall also comply with Kinnek’s instructions and requests in resolving any payment dispute initiated by Purchaser. Supplier acknowledges and agrees that Supplier shall be responsible for all chargebacks in connection with a Purchaser complaint that is deemed to be valid by Supplier, Stripe, or such Purchaser’s credit card issuer. If Kinnek determines (in its sole discretion) that a Purchaser is entitled to a refund for its purchase of any Product(s) from Supplier, Supplier must pay Kinnek such refund balance within thirty (30) days of notification, or Kinnek may terminate or suspend Supplier’s account.


All Product purchases are subject to the return and shipping policies provided by the Supplier in connection with the applicable Product. Although such Product returns and any other issues with purchased Products are handled directly by the applicable Supplier and in accordance with the return, refund and other applicable terms set forth by Supplier, you also agree to fully cooperate with Kinnek in our resolution of any payment dispute you may initiate.


Supplier represents, warrants, and covenants that all Products (i) will conform to all purchase and delivery specifications (including the shipping policy) in the applicable Quote or Payment Request, or otherwise provided to Kinnek or the Purchasers, (ii) will be free from defects (e.g., workmanship, material, and manufacture), (iii) will be of merchantable quality, (iv) will be packaged for shipping in a manner consistent with best practices of common carriers and the shipping guidelines, and (v) will be fit for the purposes intended by Kinnek and/or the Purchasers. All warranties run to the benefit of Kinnek and the Purchasers.
If Supplier collects or access a Purchaser’s Personal Information or Transaction Information, Supplier shall such Personal Information and Transaction Information solely for the purposes of processing and shipping such Purchaser’s order.


Suppliers must report all transactions generated by Kinnek within thirty (30) days of sale. If Kinnek learns of a sale that has not been reported by Supplier or confirmed by the applicable Purchaser, Supplier must confirm such sale within thirty (30) days or Supplier’s account may be suspended or terminated by Kinnek. If Supplier fails to confirm such sale, Kinnek may, in its sole discretion, add the applicable fees and commissions to an applicable invoice or charge them automatically to Supplier’s payment method on file.

Suppliers may be able to enter certain Transaction Information via the Site, including, e.g., an applicable Purchaser’s billing, credit card or Third-Party Provider information. By providing such information, Supplier represents and warrants to Kinnek that Supplier has the right and authority to provide such information and any accompanying Transaction Information. Supplier shall at all times remain liable for its use, misuse, and/or provision of all such information entered through the Site.

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