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Newberg, OR

Tanktemp, glycol heaters and chillers for wineries and breweries. Our equipment is portable, powerful, efficient and built tough to last.

We are the American muscle of the liquid heating and chilling world. We are simply the best at heating and chilling in the beverage industries. 

Not only built better, we have pioneered and patented several products based upon the industrys only Liquid Heat Pumpfor heating or chilling liquids.
More control, faster results, less energy.

Most chiller systems manufactured are for high temperature applications such as air conditioning or machine cooling.  They are designed to operate effectively at temperatures over 50 F vs the 27 F temperature needed in wineries and breweries. There is more to it then adjusting the thermostat lower to achieve reliable, efficient operation at the lower temperatures. Components, such as the compressor, are not designed to operate at these lower temperatures and pressures and can lead to major failures. If you are unsure; if it looks like an AC unit it most likely is not what you need in your brewery or winery.  

We only use the best refrigeration components avalible on the market, Tecumseh and Emmerson compressor, Webtrol pumps, our own custom coils, cust heater exchangers.  "All over built and under-engineered".  We have been doing this since 1972, we know what works.  

Thousands of groups have trusted us since 1972.  

Find out why.


Recent sales on Kinnek

Oct. 24, 2017 Sold 1 unit of glycol chillers to a customer in Elkton, MD
Jun. 07, 2017 Sold 1 unit of glycol chillers to a customer in Greenville, TX

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2 recent sales on Kinnek

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