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Tap Your Keg LLC is the Official North American Distributor for Lindr® Easy Tap Systems. Not quite sure what a Lindr® Easy Tap System is? People are initially confused because the typical means of tapping a cold pint out of a keg involves ice to fill a jockey box or a refrigerator (as in a kegerator), lots of hand pumping, lots of time and usually requires a lot of space. That's not how the Lindr® Easy Tap System works.
Lindr® Automatic Beer Cooling and Dispensing Systems requires no ice or jockey box to cool the beverage. There's no refrigerant such as in a conventional kegerator or refrigerator. There's no need to wait for the keg to chill. There's no hand pumping, and can be used with or without Co2 or Nitrogen. Simply connect any type of keg to the Lindr® Easy Tap System using standard hoses and connectors, and in a few minutes you will be tapping the best tasting beer at the precise temperature you prefer, and you have the option to change that temperature for every glass you pour. All cooling dispensers are under 12 months parts and labor warranty!

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