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*   Original and patented wine shipping boxes - approved for alcohol by both UPS and FedEx

*   The largest selection of wine shipping boxes:

       -    from one to twelve bottle shippers for 750ml & liter bottles
       -    one to six bottle magnum (1.5 liter) shippers
       -    six different shippers for 375 ml bottles and beer bottles
       -    mylar wine bags, wine totes and wine carriers for 750 ml bottles
       -    a large selection of all purpose corrugated shipping boxes

*   A special patented insert with locking tabs cushions and protects each individual bottle.
*   Bottle shippers ship flat, saving you money on freight-in charges and storage space.
*   Widely used for beer, spirits and glass bottle products such as cooking oils and coffee.
*   Independent laboratory tests certified as durable, consistent and reliable glass packaging.
*   Made from strong ECT 44 & ECT 48 rated Kraft corrugated cardboard, our wine shippers have extra cushioning, great protection, high crush resistance and are rugged.
*   These wine shippers are inexpensive and available in any quantity with huge volume discounts available.
*   Light-weight and tough, our wine shippers are environmentally safe; fully recyclable and     made with recycled material.             
*   In addition to glass bottle shippers, our wooden wine boxes are perfect for branding, wine gifting and packaging those discriminating wines and spirits.
*  We can customize all boxes with names, logos or other personalization it to create the perfect gift box by screen printing in up to 3 colors.
*  Serving the alcoholic beverage industry for over thirty years with many wineries, importers, retailers, wine clubs and even food service clients benefitting from the consistency, durability, exceptional customer service and low prices for decades.
* Google Shopping 4.9/5 rating - millions of bottles reliably shipped by thousands of wineries, breweries, wine retailers, wine clubs, corporate gifting programs, consumers and us!

We will quote the most economical shipping method but you can select from all 5 FedEx service levels and see the actual shipping charges of each as they are automatically calculated and depend on zip code in addition to the product mix. You also benefit from our discounted Fedex rates. Common Carrier shipping is also available for palletized shipments and we have some great rates with many trucking companies.

*  *  As a NY State Liquor licensed and bonded warehouse, and an authorized FedEx alcohol shipper, the Spirited Shipper fulfills delivery for wine clubs, liquor stores and other businesses requiring the legal and reliable shipping of alcoholic beverages. Please contact us for additional information.

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Almost four years ago when going online with an eCommerce site to grow a neighborhood liquor store, we just assumed that styrofoam wine shippers was what we should use for ... see more
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Nov. 26, 2016 Sold 1000 units of wine boxes to a customer in Glendale, CA
Aug. 31, 2016 Sold 1000 units of wine shippers to a customer in Denver, CO
Aug. 27, 2016 Sold 144 units of bottle carriers to a customer in New York, NY
Aug. 09, 2016 Sold 50 units of wine shippers to a customer in Salem, OR
Aug. 02, 2016 Sold 5 units of wine shippers to a customer in Los Angeles, CA
Jul. 21, 2016 Sold 100 units of wine shippers to a customer in Danbury, WI
Jul. 15, 2016 Sold 20 units of wine shippers to a customer in San Diego, CA
Jun. 30, 2016 Sold 1000 units of custom boxes to a customer in Keswick, VA
Mar. 25, 2016 Sold 500 units of bottle carriers to a customer in Amesbury, MA

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Almost four years ago when going online with an eCommerce site to grow a neighborhood liquor store, we just assumed that styrofoam wine shippers was what we should use for shipping. Yea, the prices were high and the space these shippers took up made it impossible to buy in large quantities but we were content that at least we were using the best protection available to ship wines all over the country. That opinion changed late last year when a bottle of wine in a 12 bottle shipper broke and created a huge mess for a customer in addition to the filing of a FedEx claim for us. I began searching for something better and got samples of a few different alternatives while still thinking that styrofoam just had to be the best. After packing bottles in this spirited shipper, I realized where the styrofoam wine shipper falls short as it still allows the bottles to bounce around due to variable bottle heights and the remaining space. This unique system virtually locks bottles in place limiting any movement in addition to the protection from all the cardboard and even a shelf which the bottles sit on. The rest as they say is history as I can't begin to express how much this whole scenario was a blessing in disguise. No wonder these spirited shippers have a patent! They have been successful in protecting everything we've shipped in the past 8 months and cost a fraction of the big brand Styrofoam shippers which increases margin. Since they ship flat and take up so little space, buying in large quantities gets great discounting and saves a fortune on our inbound shipping costs. The company is friendly and turns orders around immediately.

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