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Brooklandville, MD

The Stout Beverage Group represents 3 German Suppliers offering Top Quality German Hops, Bavarian Base & Speciality Malts and Innovative Packaging to Craft Brewers.  Spalter Hopfen GmbH - providing the finest quality German hops including Special Flavor Hops: Hallertau Blanc, Mandarina Bavaria & Hull Melon.  IREKS Malts - Offering a full line of Base & Speciality Malts from Bag 1 to container loads through our "Brewery Direct" Purchasing Program. And lastly; Offering One Way Metal Growlers and Mini Kegs from Julius Kleemann GmbH.  All the benefits of a can in larger sizes.
Please visit our website: WWW.STOUTBEV.COM for additional information on Spalter Hopfen GmbH Hops, IREKS Malts and Julius Kleemann Packaging.  
Mark Karpovich;; (301) 267-1290

Recent sales on Kinnek

Mar. 18, 2017 Sold 10 units of kegs to a customer in Sacramento, CA
Feb. 07, 2017 Sold 20 units of kegs to a customer in West Blomfield, MI
Jan. 05, 2017 Sold 100 units of growlers to a customer in Austin, TX
Oct. 04, 2016 Sold 144 units of growlers to a customer in Wilmington, NC
Aug. 19, 2016 Sold 10 lbs of hops to a customer in Somerset, KY

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