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Orem, UT

Traco Manufacturing & Packaging is an industry-leading  manufacturer, distributor and converter of extruded film materials for a multitude of applications for regional small-scale clients to global customers in consumer packaging, agricultural, healthcare, automotive and consumer durable markets, Traco serves them all. Traco's contributions to the products you buy and use everyday shows in the quality of the products appearance. Traco manufactures a wide variety of packaging products including custom shrink sleeves & bands, shrink bags, tamper evident shrink bands, and printed shrink labels. Traco is also a leader in producing shrink film equipment for small batch shops with unique usage needs. Established in 1985, Traco has expanded capabilities to provide clients with Shrink Packaging, Printed Shrink Labels, Tamper Evident Shrink Bands,Cut Bands, Multi Packs, Preformed Shrink Bands, Shrink Films, Custom Stock, Shrink Bags, PVC, Polyolefin, PET, PLA, Digital Printing, (PS) Pressure Sensitive Labels, Boxes, Stretch Films. With multiple digital press lines (including Flexo Press) and enhanced technology, Traco has created a competitive advantage in the industry as customer demand for faster, short & long runs on specific timelines increased. Tracos ability to produce high quality clear & printed materials for the packaging industry has lead to exceeding customer expectations for  quick turnaround times and precision printing as the key selling point. Create a unique shelf presence with Traco Packaging solutions. 

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Sep. 24, 2015 Sold 10000 units of shrink bands to a customer in Orem, UT

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Orem, UT


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Orem, UT

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