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Seattle, WA

Why Trysk?

We sell sticky paper: but that's only the tip of the iceberg*. We challenge you to find another packaging company who can take your project at any stage - whether it's a doodle on a napkin or a full set of art files - and run with it to impeccable completion.


We also bet you've never experienced service like this before. We've built a tight-knit team with decades of experience in the packaging business and beverage industry.

Nights? Weekends? We're available around the clock because we know first hand the hours of hard work it takes to craft a fine wine, beer, or spirit.

And ultimately, we'd like to think we're pretty fun. Let's have a drink soon!

Focus. Create. Deliver.

*Seriously. Ask us about IceBreaker!

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Stephan Martinez

Staff member

Seattle, WA



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